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Autokassza bank integration

Use autokassza to synchronize incoming transfers with your issued invoices automatically!

With the help of our service, outgoing invoices and transfers received by the bank are automatically synchronized, therefore you can reduce your administrative tasks.

Why is this good for you?

  • You can save a lot of time – instead of trying to figure out data, you can spend your time more effectively.
  • Easy to set up – you can set up the sync online in 5 minutes and see the status of your invoices immediately. No personal administration is required to start the service.
  • Secure – Számlázz.hu launched the autokassza service within the framework of its AISP license issued by the Hungarian National Bank. The license is subject to extremely strict rules, which Számlázz.hu fully complies with, therefore the security of our system is certified by the Hungarian National Bank.
  • Automatic invoicing following the payment of the proforma invoice – if the customer pays a proforma invoice by bank transfer, Számlázz.hu issues the invoice automatically upon receiving the amount.
  • You can always be prepared for business meetings – you can easily check if the partner has paid, and there is no need to send demands for payment.

Banks with autokassza availability:

  • CIB Bank
  • K&H Bank
  • Magnet Bank
  • MBH Bank (formerly MKB)
  • MBH Bank (formerly Budapest Bank) 
  • MBH Bank (formerly Takarékbank)
  • OTP Bank
  • Unicredit Bank
  • Wise

🏷️ The autokassza service is available to you in the #digital and #profi packages.

How does the system link incoming amounts to receipts?

 When your customer transfers the amount, the reference column must include the serial number or order number of the invoice / pro forma invoice. Autokassza uses this data to synch the invoice with the transfer.

Will all users with access to my Számlázz.hu account see my bank account if I activate synchronization?

Bank transactions can only be viewed by people with the user rights 'account owner - fiókgazda', 'administrator - adminisztrátor', 'accountant - könyvelő' or 'accountant (can issue invoices) - könyvelő (számlázhat)'. Bank transactions cannot be viewed by people with the user rights 'invoicing - számlázó' or 'kezelő - operator'.

Is there a real-time data connection?

Yes. This means that amounts transferred to your bank account will appear in your invoicing account as soon as the data is received from the bank.

Can I stop data synchronization?

You can do this at any time on the settings page. Then you will not receive any more data from the bank in your invoicing account, but you will still find the data you have received so far.

How long is the autokassza connection valid for?

K&H Bank, MBH Bank (formerly MKB Bank, Budapest Bank or Takarékbank), OTP Bank and UniCredit Bank autokassza connections must be renewed every 180 days, while in the case of CIB Bank, MagNet Bank and Wise this period is 90 days. We will send you a reminder message 8 days before the expiry, which we will repeat two days before the expiry.

Does autokassza work with several bank account numbers at the same time?

If you want to use autokassza with bank accounts at different banks, you can do so without any problems. In this case, if the value of an invoice will be received on any of your bank accounts, the matching of the invoice and transaction will work. In the case of some banks, it is already possible to connect several bank accounts with the same bank to your billing account.

Matching incoming invoices to outgoing bank transactions

With autokassza we match not only the incoming transactions with the invoices you issue, but also automatically assign the transfers you initiate to the invoices issued to you.

In this case, it is important that you include the serial number of the payment receipt accurately and separately in the notification of the transfer you initiated, so that the system will handle the process without any problems. If the pairing does not happen automatically (for example, due to an incorrect notification), it is possible to pair them manually.