How to issue large number of invoices with bulk invoicing?

With bulk invoice generation you can issue a large number of invoices at the same time. The invoice data can be uploaded to the system from an excel spreadsheet.

How it works?

  • Based on the data of the Excel file uploaded to Számlá, you will see a preview screen, where you can check the invoices. 
  • If you find a mistake on the preview, you can still go back and correct the data in the Excel file, and restart the process. If you find no errors, you can generate hundreds of invoices with a single click.
  • If you have generated paper-based invoices, you will receive the final result in a single PDF file, which can easily be printed.
  • Whether you generated electronic or paper-based invoices, if you have entered the email addresses of the customers in the uploaded data file, the prepared invoices will be delivered immediately by the system. Both you and your customers receive a copy of the invoice notifications, so you can track which partners received invoice notification. 

How much does it cost?

With the help of bulk invoice generation, you can issue both paper-based (in all service packages) and electronic invoices (in #start, #digital and #profi packages). 

Our service fee is tiered as follows:

bulk invoicing fees