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Innonest - Quotation program, administration system, warehouse and stock management for even the smallest businesses

With the Innonest online Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program, you can keep the administration of your business under control.

An online service available from anywhere, which radically reduces the time spent on paperwork. You can keep an eye on stocks, your projects, deadlines, manage all customer-related documentation from quotations to invoicing - in integration with Számlázz.hu. 

Creating and sending a quotes in Innonest

  • issuing a quotation is quick and easy, it is available in a few minute
  • it almost completely excludes the possibility of errors 
  • by entering the first three characters of the customer's name, the system will find the customer you are looking for in an instant

Additional functions you will find in Innonest

  • Online worksheet, quotation, online order form, delivery note, proof of completion, and acknowledgment of receipt are available. You only have to record data once. Just one click, and the worksheet from the quotation is ready!
  • Invoicing: you don't even have to leave Innonest for invoicing: the program works in perfect integration with Számlázz.hu, so you can issue your invoice "locally" with one click. By using the Számlázz.hu #free package, you can invoice with the payment of the Számla Agent (Account Agent) fee, and with the #start and #digital package, you do not have to pay any additional fee. Our #profi customers can use all invoicing functions in Innonest without restrictions.
  • Inventory and warehouse management: you can record the materials used for your work, and the reduction of the stock takes place in the background, so you can always see the current stock quantity in the warehouse. A product movement log helps with complete transparency.
  • Manage the data of your customers' equipment or vehicles, their service history log or the due date of technical examinations in one single program!

How to use Innonest with Számlázz.hu?

On the Innonest interface, select the "Register with Számlázz.hu" option, so after logging in, the two systems will automatically work in connection, you won’t have to do anything else. The invoicing will take place in Innonest, so you won’t have to log in to Számlázz.hu for this function, either. 

Innonest is also available in the Számlázz.hu #free package, but the invoicing functions are restricted to what the #free package offers, plus upon payment of the Számla Agent (Account Agent) fee. In the #free package, it is not possible to issue an e-invoice, only paper-based invoices are available. In the #start, #digital and #profi packages, e-invoicing can be done without paying the Account Agent fee. In the case of e-invoicing, you can pay the 5 HUF + VAT/unit fee in Innonest. Our #profi customers can use all invoicing functions in Innonest without restrictions!