Számla Agent / Invoice Agent: How can I issue invoices through my own website automatically?

We show you how to issue hundreds or thousands of invoices a day without human intervention.

If you own a webshop or other business application and you would like to issue invoices automatically, with our Invoice Agent service you can connect it to the Számlá system easily.

How does it work?

  1. The purchase is completed in your webshop, and you need to issue an invoice to the customer.
  2. The webshop makes a Számla Agent API call, which includes the information for the invoice to be prepared.
  3. Számlá prepares the invoice (which can be paper-pased or an e-invoice, prepayment invoice, final invoice, proforma invoice, reverse (or cancelled) invoice, corrective invoice, delivery note, receipt, reverse (or cancelled) receipt).
  4. If you have requested it, Számlá will forward the prepared invoice to your customer.
  5. You can also decide that Számlá returns the completed invoice to your online store for further processing (e.g. if you want to make the e-invoice available for your customer to download via the online store).
  6. The invoice will later be available (can be downloaded) from your Számlá account.
  7. You can also issue receipts instead of invoices, if the regulations allow it and the customer does not ask for an invoice.

Connecting your webshop (or other business application) with the Számlá system is a simple IT operation with all-round technical support from us.


Would you like to issue invoices automatically? 

Read our guide to the establishment of the connection to see how you can connect your webshop with Számlá



 Using the Számla Agent API many softwares allow you to issue invoices automatically, including the following:


1. Official Számlá Plugins tested and validated by our developers:

2. Further downloadable plugins:

3. Softwares with Számlá integration (without the need of installation):


The Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) solution can be used in all subscriptions (including the #free package) upon the payment of additional fees. With the help of the Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) you can issue paper-based (all service packages) and electronic invoices (#start, #digital and #profi packages), and further accounting documents (prepayment invoice, final invoice, pro forma invoice, reverse (or cancelled) invoice, corrective invoice, delivery note, receipt, reverse (or cancelled) receipt).

The progressive fee system of Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) for the issuing of paper-based and electronic invoices can be found here (in Hungarian).  The price of e-invoices created by Számla Agent (Invoice Agent) is 6 HUF/piece (5 HUF+VAT/piece) in addition to the monthly fee for all packages.