I have registered in the NAV Online Invoice (NAV Online Számla) system and entered the codes in my Számlázz.hu account, but I see that they are incorrect when I try to save the data. What shall I do?

After the completion of your NAV online registration, it is important to get the appropriate user data there and copy them in the right way. Make sure to:

  1. Register in the live NAV system and certainly not in the test system (If you start your registration from a browser, please note that the test page is displayed among the first hits in the browser. The interface of the test system looks exactly the same as the live system, but the URL addresses of the two links are different.)
  2. Request user data for the company whose account you have logged into Számlázz.hu.
  3. Request the data of a technical user for copying.
  4. Provide the manage invoices (= „számlák kezelése”) and query invoices (= „számlák lekérdezése”) rights to the technical user.
  5. Copy the relevant four pieces of information (technical username = “NAV technikai felhasználó neve”, technical user's password = “Technikai felhasználó jelszava”, XML Signature Key = “NAV aláíró kulcs”, XML Exchange Key = “NAV cserekulcs”) to the NAV online data connection (NAV online adatkapcsolat) tab on the settings (beállítások) page exactly. If possible, use the clipboard for this.
  6. Remember the password of the technical user - as it is not displayed on the NAV interface, you must provide this from memory in Számlázz.hu settings (Your Számlázz.hu password is not necessarily the same as the password of the NAV technical user).
  7. Make sure that everything works and check your tax number in your Számlázz.hu account, because it is possible that it was misspelled in the system, and the connection was unsuccessful because of this.

If you have completed all the above-mentioned steps, you may still get an error message, e.g. if the NAV system is unavailable when you are trying to save data, or it may return some other error.