Online payment with OTP SimplePay/Barion/PayPal/Teya

Enable your customers to settle their invoices via the internet using a bank card. In addition, you have the opportunity to sign a contract for card payment in external webshops.

Why is it beneficial for you to implement online payment?

  • It is a quick and easy solution for your customers to settle their invoices.
  • Customers prefer to pay by card as a result of high bank transfer fees.
  • You get your money earlier and you don't need to open a new account with another bank.
  • It is a unique innovation in your enterprise.
  • You may also request the online payment option for your webshop.

The implementation of the online card payment service can be completed with a few clicks. We have made it available for you via the following service providers: 

1. OTP SimplePay

The OTP SimplePay Online Payment System is a bank card online payment service developed by Számlá’s strategic partner OTP Mobil Kft. which operates directly on the encrypted pages of OTP Mobil Kft. and the paid amount also arrives at the bank account of OTP Mobil Kft.

The enterprise issuing the invoice receives the amount of its paid invoices on a weekly basis, directly from OTP Mobil Kft. (via a bank transfer).

The contract can be signed online without your physical presence. Following the conclusion of a contract, online card acceptance can be activated in the invoicing account within a few days. There is no need for an extract from the trade register (certificate of incorporation), complicated inspections or technical/programming projects.

In the case of Számlá, this is just a ‘switch’: you only need to turn it, and online payment will be operative within a very short time.

  1. You need an invoicing account in order to launch the service.
  2. You may read the terms and conditions and accept the online contract after you have logged in the invoicing account.
  3. OTP Mobil Kft. is notified of the acceptance of the contract immediately, and it starts a check of information provided during the conclusion of the contract.
  4. When the check of information is complete, the contract is accepted by OTP Mobil Kft. As a result, the online payment option is immediately activated.
  5. If you have also requested an online payment service for your webshop, OTP Mobil Kft. provides you with the identifiers of payment acceptance services after approval of the contract.

2. Barion

With Barion’s e-money-based Barion Smart Gateway service, you can also use bank cards and digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Barion) to pay your bills quickly. You will receive the payment in your Barion wallet. You can create a Barion wallet online on the Barion interface, where you will be redirected directly from your Számlá account. Barion checks the data you provide for the introduction of online payment within a few days, and once approved, you can immediately provide your customers with the option of online payment.


To start the service, you need a billing account and a Barion wallet, which you can open directly from your billing account. The connection of the two systems and the introduction of the online payment solution via Barion have been summarized step by step here (in Hungarian).

There are no entry fees or monthly fees, and sending and receiving money within Barion is free. In addition, if you start the Barion wallet opening through Számlá, you can accept bank card payments at discounted rates. The transaction fees consist of the interbank commission, the system fee for bank card payments, and a fixed 1% merchant fee. Find more information here (in Hungarian).

3. PayPal

PayPal is probably the world’s most well-known online payment solution. The contracting process, that is, the registration of the merchant account, the submission of documents and its check by the service provider is performed in a fully electronic way. You only need a PayPal email address and password during your purchase. The PayPal system is currently available in 24 currencies (including HUF), which can be converted within the system.

In order to enable your customers to pay your invoices via the PayPal system, you must have a PayPal virtual wallet, a Számlá invoicing account and a #profi package subscription.

  1. You need a PayPal virtual wallet in order to use the service.
  2. You need a Számlá invoicing account in order to launch the service.
  3. The PayPal service is available for Számlá users with a #profi package subscription.
  4. If you would like to use PayPal’s services in your webshop or other online platforms, feel free to contact the BIG FISH Payment Gateway team, who are happy to help you with the setup of online payment outside of Számlá Please note that in such cases you have to conclude a contract with the payment service provider accordingly.

4. Teya

Teya is a financial institution with membership in all the important card companies around the world, providing online bank card acceptance in Hungary among other markets. Borgun is independent of Hungarian banks: they can settle online payments on accounts with any bank. In the case of Számlá, the money of account can be HUF, EUR or USD.

In order to enable your customers to pay your invoices through the Teya system, your must possess a Teya account, a Számlá invoicing account and #profi package subscription.


🏷️ OTP Simple Pay and Barion is available (for extra cost) in our #free package, for choosing PayPal or Teya you have to subscribe to the #profi package. More information on our packages and prices can be found here.