Postal service for paper invoices

At your request, we will print your invoice, place it in a suitable envelope and mail it to you.

The postal service works in each Számlá package and you can request it when issuing an invoice. 

How does it work?

When issuing a new invoice, under the field "enter billing address" you will find the check box: "please print and mail the invoice". You can enter a mailing address when creating the invoice or afterwards, if it differs from the billing address. With a click, you will receive pricing information, and you can request the invoice to be mailed. 

It is important to know that only the invoice is included in the envelope, and it's not possible to send other documents with this service.

Printing and enveloping is done every quarter of an hour. Until this starts, you can withdraw your mailing request.

How much does it cost?

The fee is HUF 368 (HUF 290 + VAT) per invoice. This fee includes the cost of printing and enveloping the invoice (including material costs) and also includes the cost of the postal service (according to the actual fees of the Hungarian Post/Magyar Posta). So the total cost is HUF 368 (HUF 290 + VAT) per invoice and no other costs are incurred.

The invoices are sent as domestic, standard (non-classified) mail, so there is no possibility of registered, cash on delivery, priority services. 

How do I pay for it?

Our system deducts the postage fee from a prepaid balance. You can top up the balance by paying in advance when requesting the service (either when invoicing or when you request the service afterwards). In both cases, by clicking on the "Please post the invoice" button, the option to upload a specific amount will appear.