QUICK - Your company’s finances in one place

QUiCK is Számlázz.hu’s integrated cloud-based finacial system for entrepreneurs.

QUiCK supports Számlázz.hu users in performing their financial administrational tasks with a number of automations. QUiCK can be used with #start, #digital or #profi service packages. 

Why is it worth choosing the #profi package?

Users of the #profi service package of Számlázz.hu have integrated access to the QUiCK system, where the account data is transferred in real time, with which further operations can be performed with the help of those automations available in QUiCK.

Quick guide to QUICK

A cloud-based financial system that works in close integration with Számlázz.hu, with which you can manage all your invoices, bank transactions, supplier and customer receivables, and even your salary and tax payment obligations in one place.

"My invoices are in Számlázz.hu, what can QUiCK add to this?"

If you have a #profi package and have turned on the Számlaverzum service, all your outgoing and incoming domestic invoices (data) can be found in your account.

In QUiCK, you can also collect foreign invoices, and you can automatically generate an invoice image for the domestic invoices. Cost or income categories can be linked to invoices, which increases transparency.

"Which automation speeds up my financial administration in QUiCK?"

We would highlight two of the many automations available:

  • Autoscan: This is a methodology based on optical character recognition and machine learning, which helps to create invoice data from the invoice images sent into QUiCK, and the system categorises them automatically. Thus you’ll have less data recording tasks. Among other things, autoscan is responsible for ensuring that the images of the domestic invoices sent to QUiCK and the invoice data synchronised from NAV find and match each other.
  • Transfer packages: With the help of this, you can make supplier invoices paid in QUiCK. But it's not just about that. If you pay an invoice in QUiCK, or even a salary and contribution payment with a transfer package, you can download these packages in a format accepted by many domestic banks and import them into your own online bank, thus speeding up the painful recording tasks related to transfers.

"Can I also send an invoice to QUiCK by email?"

Yes, of course. For this, QUiCK generates a personalised alias email address to which you can ask your partners to send the invoices they issue for you. 

"How much does QUiCK cost?"

QUiCK has three service packages. 




For the actual prices, please click here

"Is there a trial period?"

Yes, every QUiCK account comes with a 30-day trial period.

In case you are not using Számlázz.hu #profi package (that makes the QUiCK integration available), we give your Számlázz.hu account four special rights for 30 days, with which you can test how the two systems work together. 

Important! After the 30 days trial, you will have to pay for your QUiCK account and you will also need to choose a Számlázz.hu package (#free is not acceptable) in order to be able to use the automations provided by QUiCK and the benefits of the connection between the two systems. If you want the full functionality, we advise you to choose Számlázz.hu #profi package!