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SMARTBooks Accounting and Business – cloud-based company management and accounting

From sales to invoicing, SMARTBooks is a mini company management program where cloud-based accounting is also in focus.

Smart automations, significantly less data recording and many other functions can boost the administration of your business to the next level. 

SMARTBooks works in close integration with Számlázz.hu. It provides a NAV-compliant accounting ecosystem and digitised accounting processes: invoices issued with Számlázz.hu and the invoice images of suppliers and bank transactions arrive in SMARTBooks every 3 minutes. Domestic supplier invoices are automatically received in SMARTBooks from the NAV Online Invoice System. And with SMARTBooks Business you can even work with your accounted businesses with joint online records, without delays and duplicate records.


What can SMARTBooks offer?

For entrepreneurs / company managers: manage your business processes in one clean, online system!

  • mini company managements system: task management / sales support / NAV-proof invoicing / procurement planning / inventory management / management reports
  • DokuFree – a free digital document library between your accountant and your business (in case an accountant is using SMARTBooks accounting)
  • 0-24 hour access in the cloud

For accountants, accounting offices: online accounting with smart automations, even integrated with your companies.
  • lightning-fast automatic invoice imports / management reports / task management
  • DokuFree is a free joint document library with your registered companies
  • legal compliance, regular software updates, security
  • 0-24 hour access in the cloud

For company accountants (self-accounting): online, automated accounting and company administration, where you can all work together effectively in one system.
  • mini company management system for the company that comes with a self-accounting module, all in one system with a document library, lightning-fast automatic invoice imports, management reports
  • Legal compliance, regular software updates, security
  • 0-24 hour access in the cloud